Keep delivering value,

whilst still maintaining trajectory.

You want to keep delivering new features, meeting constant deadlines and keep hitting your company targets, but the development process is slowing you down.

Which one do you want? New features that you know your customer will love? Or fixing that edge case bug, those small but necessary text changes or some minor design tweak that takes 3 days instead of 1 to deliver on?

Both are important but we know which one you really want.

Why not have both? Let us handle the small tasks for you so your team can concentrate on delivering the bigger goals.



Consider us your fumigators.

We know that this is a time consuming task but it is one that has to be done. A few rules apply as prerequisites for us to be good at this:

The developer will need time to be onboarded to learn your product.We will only tackle the surface level bugs. Nothing instrumental and nothing that is considered to be a hotfix.A well defined bug report is available to work from.


You know that small spelling mistake or typo you have been asking to get fixed for months now? Or that paragraph that is outdated but never updated?

We know you know... everyone who has worked in tech has experienced this problem.

The fact is, small tasks like this get lost in the backlog and forgotten. Never to see the light of a sprint ever again.

Don't let your sprints guide your voice. Always put your best words forward.


It's not perfect but it works. Heard that one before? It's ok we know you have. That's probably why you are here.

The devil may be in the detail but so is the time spent being pixel perfect.

Let's be honest, your developers have better things to do than change some styling for a feature that's already been delivered.

Let us help align that text, change that font, add a different gradient to that page or make that button super sexy and irresistibly clickable.



"Batman Dev managed to complete the entire backlog of my startup in only 2 months. This would have taken close to a year to have done internally. Worth every dollar!"


"Batman Dev sped up our development process by a factor of 5 simply by letting our senior developers focus on the bigger tasks at hand. It has been an invaluable asset to our business and we will continue to work with them."


Step 1. Integration & onboarding

We can't help you if we don't have access. This step is your basic developer onboarding and handover. Help us integrate to your preferred systems and get set up so we can efficiently deliver our code, safely in the hands of those that need it most.

Step 2. Send your (prioritized) backlog to us

Jira? GitHub? ZenHub? TRELLO?!

No matter what agile project management software you have settled on, we will help to integrate your system to ours so that we will be able to see, update and deliver on your precious backlog items.

Step 3. We complete the work

Our favorite step. Hoping this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Step 4. Merge request

Our DevOps team will review all work and only then perform a commit to your desired branch.



€599 per month

€499 per month beta price

  • 1 developer working on your backlog.

  • At least 40 hours per month of dev time to work on your backlog.

  • Access to a Product Owner who will help co-ordinate all tasks.

  • Code review on all deliveries by Senior Developers.

  • Each additional 40 hour time block has a 10% discount.

3 seats left before offer expires

Batman & Robin

€799 per month

€699 per month beta price

  • 2 developers working on your backlog at the same time.

  • At least 40 hours per month of dev time to work on your backlog.

  • Access to a Product Owner who will help co-ordinate all tasks.

  • Code review on all deliveries by Senior Developers.

  • Each additional 40 hour time block has a 10% discount.

8 SEATS left before offer expires


The idea for Batman Dev came from my personal experience working as a Product Owner in several startups. The common theme amongst them all was that the backlog always outweighed the capacity to deal with it. This was an infuriating problem and the pressure from C-Level to keep delivering new features as well as maintaining and improving on a stable product was an impossible task to deliver on.

I thought, "There must be a better way". I did my research on the subject and the same answers kept coming up time after time. The answer to ad-hoc and backlog scope creep was to introduce a new role to your team. Often called "The Batman". This individual would assume the role of the Batman once, twice, or several times a week and their only job was to work on low impact dev work.

This process works great for the most part. Except, having one of your more experienced, possibly senior developers working on menial tasks seemed like a waste of resources. Their time could be better spent working on the more prominent work.

It struck me there was a gap in the market for an on-demand batman for development teams. Batman Dev was born from that idea and we have helped 100's of teams adopt a batman into their workflow.


We are an equal opportunities employer that strives for diversity. Please read more about our hiring policy.

Front-end Specialist 1

Front-end Specialist 2

Back-end Specialist 1


CEO / Product Owner

Fullstack Developer 1

Fullstack Developer 2

Fullstack Developer 3

Want to join us?

Scope of service

We offer a large range of development services but we focus on 3 main categories of delivery.

  • Surface level bugs

  • Copywriting changes

  • Frontend styling

A good way to know whether your requests can be met by our development team is to ask yourself if you can reasonably explain what you need done in no more than a few sentences. A good format for most of these tasks would be to describe what currently happens and what should happen.

If your backlog items have good functional specs and requirements documentation. We will get along really well.

Security risks

We understand the risks here. We know how important this is.

We will work with you to make sure that all security requirements are met before starting our partnership. In some cases we will even be able to provide ISO certifications.

If you have some very specific security concerns or qualifications required of a developer, please get in touch with us to discuss it further.

Outsourcing concerns

We understand your hesitance with a service like this. Maybe you have been stung before by freelancers offering cheap services on Upwork or Fiverr. We are not one of those services. We have a strict hiring process that ensures the developers we work with are able to produce a high quality of work.

We would be more than happy to provide a money-back guarantee in order to ease your concerns about our service. Just reach out to us to talk this over.


We will start by reaching out to you to learn more about your product and what your backlog looks like. That way we can identify if we are a good match as a partner. Once we have established that we can move forward with the steps provided in the how it works section.

Code quality

We know we wouldn't be saving you much time if we delivered bad code. That is why we will always have a Senior developer review the code before being sent to you. Of course we know you will still need to review this yourself but we will do this regardless to make sure we are delivering on our promise of quality.

If you have concerns about the quality of the code you have received then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to resolve this immediately.

Tech stack

We currently only offer our services in the following tech stack:

  • React

  • NodeJS

  • Python (Django & Flask)

  • PHP

Fullstack Developer

We currently do not have any open positions for a fullstack developer. However, we are always open to hearing from those who are interested in joining our team. Please send us an email!

Product Owner

We currently do not have any open positions for a product owners. However, we are always open to hearing from those who are interested in joining our team. Please send us an email!

Something else?

Have we missed something? Is it you? :)

Feel free to reach out to us, we are always looking for talent who likes what we are doing here at Batman Dev.

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